District News and Important Information

Important News

Parents and Families,

The State of Iowa would like to ask you about technology access for your household. This information will help in planning for next school year, should learning from home need to occur because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our district encourages you to complete this survey so your technology barriers are known to the State.

  • The survey should take less than five minutes to complete.
  • The survey only needs to be taken one time for your entire household.
  • In your responses, only include students who will be in grades preschool through twelfth grade, or participating in post-secondary education, during the 2020-21 school year
  • There is a drop-down in the upper left corner of the survey to change the survey language from English to Spanish. If your household needs the survey in another language, contact our district at 641-932-2161

Technology Access Survey

Normal Day

  • HS/JH – 3:30pm
  • Lincoln – 3:20pm
  • Grant – 3:10pm
  • Kendall – 3:05pm

Wednesday Short Day on 2:30 Schedule

  • HS/JH – 2:30pm
  • Lincoln – 2:20pm
  • Grant – 2:10pm
  • Kendall – 2:05pm